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DeltaWave Moisture Recorder

DeltaWave measures a larger sample and factors in density, conductivity as well as temperature (the only system on the market that measures temperature as a key factor in determining the actual moisture in the material).


DeltaWave Moisture image 3

DeltaWave Moisture image 2
DeltaWave Moisture image 1
       DeltaWave Features:

Uses a dual frequency RF method of sensing the total moisture in materials. Using a VHF oscillator, this method has been proven to monitor material moisture with a high degree of accuracy

• Calibration storage for an unlimited number of materials
• History database
• Capability to calibrate for materials with non-linear moisture characteristics
• Up to four independent probes per interface module
• Graphically displays percent moisture while sampling is in progress
• Moisture percentage ‘billboard’ shows percent moisture in large numbers
• Easy calibration with laboratory data input
• Analog output for interfacing to existing automation
• Analog output signal is maintained after sampling for ease of interface
• Stainless steel probes and CeraSurf® ceramic brick for long life and abrasion resistance to sands and coarse aggregates

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